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Уникальная методика обучения
английскому языку детей от 3-х лет


ООО "Джолли"
Санкт-Петербург, ул. 
Смоленская д.9   Бизнес центр "Оптима", офис №325
(812) 903-17-71



A Reading Assessment, tricky word hat, magnetic letters, stencilets, Jolly Stories, a word book that complete and enhance the range.

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A tub of 106 lower case letters.
Цена: 1901.00 руб.
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A pack of child-friendly materials for teachers to use to assess children's decoding and comprehension knowledge.
Цена: 6813.00 руб.
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A handy teacher’s resource providing useful lists of words made from the individual letter sounds and digraphs.
Цена: 361.00 руб.
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Join the fun adventures of Inky Mouse and her friends. Follow them through seven stories as they learn the 42 letter sounds in this beautifully illustrated board book.
Цена: 2248.00 руб.
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Make learning the tricky words even more fun with this plush Tricky Word Hat.
Цена: 1839.00 руб.
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