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Онлайн тренинг Jolly Phonics

Уникальная методика обучения
английскому языку детей от 3-х лет


ООО "Джолли"
Санкт-Петербург, ул. 
Смоленская д.9   Бизнес центр "Оптима", офис №325
(812) 903-17-71



Create colourful learning displays with our attractive posters, friezes and wall flowers.

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A two poster pack with alternative vowel spellings on one and alphabet letters on the other.
Цена: 1022.00 руб.
Отзывов (0)
A poster showing the 42 letter sounds, each with a reminder of the Jolly Phonics action.
Цена: 477.00 руб.
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Create an attractive display teaching and reinforcing the 72 tricky words taught in Jolly Phonics.
Цена: 1764.00 руб.
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Comes in seven illustrated strips which can be put up together or individually.
Цена: 1083.00 руб.
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